Rochester Pools

We need your help. The Rochester School District is considering if new schools are needed. If the decision is made to build or remodel schools, we need to be sure that there is a plan to deal with the lack of district swimming pools. The current status of Rochester School Pools is dire. Consider this:

  1. The Rochester School System has 5 pools, but only 3 can be used for competitive swimming and only ONE can be used for diving.

  2. The NEWEST pool (Willow Creek) is 38 years old.

  3. The OLDEST pool (JM) is 60 years old.

  4. Two pools (John Adams and Kellogg) are only 20 yards long (not legal for swimming or diving).

  5. Only JM is deep enough for diving practice and competition.

  6. Only JM and Mayo can be used for swimming competition.

  7. Century High School was built without a swimming pool, but there are nearly as many girls on the Century swimming team as there are boys on the Century varsity football team.

  8. Century swimmers have to travel to the opposite side of Rochester to train/practice at Willow.

  9. Divers from all 3 schools have to practice and compete at JM, without disrupting the JM swimming team.

  10. Would the district tolerate one football field, one basketball court, one hockey rink or one volleyball court for all 3 high schools? Yet, that’s what has happened with diving in Rochester.

As the school district starts to consider options for possible new schools, the swimming and diving community needs to be at the table, so these concerns can be heard. Please consider contacting Mr. Michael Munoz, superintendent with your concerns. Register to be placed on the “Public Comment” agenda for school board meetings. Send comments to the “Superintendent’s Task Force”. If we don’t speak up, our dire pool situation will not change.

Mr. Michael Munoz, Superintendent’s Task Force, 615 7th Street SW, Rochester, MN 55902. 507-328-3000. (

Rochester Swimming Inc. (RSI) is a MN non-profit that promotes swimming and diving. Rochester Swimming Inc. recently donated the new scoreboard at JM High School and has contributed extensively to the renovation of the Rec Center pool.

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